Common Roofing Problems For Colorado Homes

Highlands ranch roofing problems

Roofing is closely related the local climate, therefore there are certain roofing problems specific to Colorado.

The climate in the centennial state is not homogenous, but a mixture of continental, mid-latitude and high elevation. The annual temperature and precipitation level are lower than the national average, but the inches of snow and the number of sunny days are higher.

The climate of the plains in Eastern Colorado is quite uniform, with low humidity, lots of sunshine, and low frequency of rain fall. However, tornados represent common occurrences in spring and summer, even if they are most often small. In the mountain areas, there are significant differences in climate, even over short distances. Temperatures, wind and precipitation patterns are mostly controlled by elevation and mountain ranges. In Western Colorado, weather is less extreme and also less variable than in the mountains and even in the east.

Severe weather that may occur in Colorado varies from extreme heat, to high winds, flash flooding, forest fire, blizzards and storms.

In this context, there are different problems that roofs in Colorado confront with, on a regular basis.

Winter damage

Like we said before, snowfalls can be significant here, especially in the mountain area. If the structure of the roof is under dimensioned and there are no snow guards or de-icing systems installed to prevent snow accumulations, snow can create major problems and significant damage. The weight of the aerated snow is 100-120 kg/ mc. This means that a layer of 20 cm of snow on an average roof will add approximately 22 kg /sqm.

An incorrect dimensioning of the roof structure and its incorrect execution may cause deformation and the appearance of cracks in its structure. The only viable long-term solution to address these problems is to allow specialists to determine whether you have a strong roof structure or it needs to be reinforced. Degradation of the structure can lead to roof collapse, which will cause serious damage to the entire building.

Sun damage

In Colorado, there are, on average, 245 sunny days per year. UV radiation is one of the main causes of roof deterioration, especially in the case of roofs made from common or traditional materials: wood shingles and shakes, asphalt shingles, ceramic tiles. It causes these roofing materials to dry out and become brittle, restricting the roof`s ability to expand and contract naturally, causing cracks and leaving the roof exposed to the elements, which will soon lessen its integrity and compromise its efficiency.

Tree damage

If your property is situated in an area with trees and vegetation, your roof may be exposed to a particular type of damage caused by branches hanging too close to the roof. It is not just that they will rub against the surface of the roof, but they may also be broken by winds and fall on the roof.


To avoid these common problems, you must schedule periodic roof inspections and maintenance operations performed by Highlands Ranch roofing specialists. This way, you can receive the best advice on how to address properly the vulnerabilities of your roof before they turn into significant damage that will destroy your comfort and reduce its overall lifespan.


What Are The Steps To Resolve Water Damage In My Basement?

Basement Water Damage Restoration Services

Water infiltration and humidity in the basement represent common problems. In basements that were not properly waterproofed and thermally insulated, water resulted from rainfall or indoor condensation, due to temperature differences, easily infiltrates.

To protect the building from moisture, various measures are required, depending on the amount of water damage. Waterproofing the basement is essential to protect it from the moisture infiltrating from the soil, or caused by seepage. All parts that are in contact with soil and water must be protected. In particular, these include concrete coverings, walls, floors, foundation, as well as structural details such as movement joints. In some cases, due to high moisture resulting from the walls or water leaks directly into the basement, before applying bituminous products, the wall and foundation interface must be waterproofed to prevent moisture penetration.

The accumulation and persistence of moisture in the basement can be detected either due to the specific smell of moisture, mold and deteriorated materials, or by performing tests. A simple test to detect where the moisture in the basement comes from is to stick an aluminum foil to a wall. After a few days, you go and inspect it. If condensation has formed on the wall and on the part of the foil that was attached to it, it means that the source of moisture is outside the building. If condensation has formed on the outer surface of the foil, towards the chamber, the source of humidity is in the interior of the house/ basement.

Solutions for the insulation of the basement from the interior humidity

Indoor humidity is produced by domestic activities, leaky installations, as well as by different house equipment. All these sources can produce enough moisture to create damage in an uninsulated basement.

Fighting basement infiltrations

Water infiltration can become a problem in the life of any homeowner with a basement. If you want to get rid of them, it would be good to “attack” this problem very quickly, because the moisture in the basement gradually affects the structure of the house and the interior finishes. Waterproofing and cleanup may be needed both inside the basement and outside by water a damage restoration Phoenix company.

The product most suitable for solving an infiltration near the pipes in the cellar is a special sealant that expands in the presence of water. In order to fulfill its role, the product must be covered with a repair mortar to expand into a confined space.

The space where the sealant will be applied must be thoroughly cleaned of dust and mortar, and the pipes degreased, so that there are no more traces of oil and grease used to lubricate the joints. Also, the sealant should be applied on a dry surface or only slightly damp. In case of infiltrations at the time of application, they must first be stopped by using special products.

If your basement presents more serious problems, you may need to restore the waterproofing work. There are several waterproofing solutions, consisting of the installation of benthic membranes, bituminous membranes, as well as the application of waterproofing mortars. Given the complexity and impact of waterproofing works on the durability of your home, it is best to call on specialists to offer you the right solution for treating basement water infiltration and damage.

Your water damage restoration providermay also be a Colorado roofing company as well.


Companies That Handle Pool Installations in Nevada and Their Other Services

If you have made up your mind about having a pool installed in the backyard of your home in Nevada, you probably know already that it is a huge project. Pools will require very careful design, excavation and construction, choices and decisions made about pool cladding materials, draining systems and many others. You can choose to do it all by yourself, or, if you want the results to be perfect, you can hire a company that provides pool installations in Nevada – here are the services they offer.


Design Services

A consistent design that uses the most suitable materials, observes the terrain conditions and the composition of the ground on your property and meets your expectations is possible – if you hire professionals. Pool companies in Nevada provide consultation services to allow their clients to choose the most suitable materials, cost estimates to allow you to plan ahead and project scheduling services to let you know when you can take the first jump into your brand new pool. The design process involves lots of different phases – your pool company will perform feasibility studies, they will make initial budget calculations, they will provide comprehensive assistance in architectural, mechanical and civil engineering design and all these respecting your requirements.


Pool Construction

Your pool company will take care of the construction phase as well. They will manage and supervise every part of the process from the excavation to the installation of the cladding materials. The company will determine the best construction techniques and strategies to use and they can also take care of purchasing the materials for the pool.


Post-Construction Services

Many companies that provide services of pool installations in Nevada also provide assistance with operating your pool. This assistance includes pool repairs and maintenance services – processes that are just as important as professional construction. Post-construction services include inspections and cleaning for the recirculation system, for the wall and for the bottom of the pool as well as the maintenance of the strainers, the pumps and other structural elements, along with tasks related to water chemistry.

Many pool installation companies provide repair services as well, so if you notice that the quality (the color, the cleanliness and the smell) of the water in your pool has changed, the temperature is not right or the water level is lower than it should be and you suspect there is a leak, pool companies can help you in an efficient manner. Most pool services Las Vegas companies offer seasonal care services as well, so you can hire them to prepare the pool for the colder season when the pool is empty and out of use and to prepare it for the summer when you take a plunge into the water every day.

Pool companies in Nevada work with highly qualified technicians, architects and engineers, so with their services you can be sure your beautiful new pool will be just the way you want it to, allowing you, your family and your guests to enjoy swimming and playing in the water that is perfectly clean and comfortably cool.

The Importance and Qualities of Connecticut Commercial Roofing Options for Energy Efficient Applications

Energy-efficiency is extremely important when it comes to keeping electricity bills and fuel usage for Connecticut buildings at a minimum during the wintertime. Just like increased temperatures require a cool roof in warmer climates to air conditioning usage at a more manageable level, Connecticut commercial roofing contractors can make better use of sustainable metal and solar panel roofing systems that can better distribute heat, help your HVAC produce more of it, and prevent the heat from exiting the building.


Why Are Energy Efficient Roofing Installations So Important?


In Connecticut during the winter temperatures can commonly go below zero, and your roof plays a key role on how such temperature changes might impact your building as a whole. With the power grid already feeding your computer systems, printers, various machines and any other equipment you might have, an electric furnace or HVAC system can draw even more energy from the grid and further inflate your electricity bills.


With the help of Connecticut commercial roofing options designed to be energy efficient, you can counter that effect, prevent heat from escaping and make sure the building is heated far longer with the same amount of energy.


These types of roofs are often made from highly resilient, heat-resistant materials, or they feature protective layers of special materials that prevent heat from escaping. Some may even produce additional electricity you can add to the grid to alleviate the costs.


The Main Highlights and Benefits of Energy Efficient Roofing


Metal roofing is one of the most energy efficient type of roofing material used in Connecticut. Metal, first of all, allows snow to slide easily away, so it’s great for colder weather. Also, the destructive effects of ice damming will never be a problem with a good metal roof.


The more important benefits of metal, however, have to do with its energy efficiency. Due to metal’s property of retaining heat longer, a metal roof can absorb heat more efficiently both from the sun and from within your building. Also, if properly insulated it will reduce the load of your HVAC and prevent it from overworking.


Connecticut commercial roofing options based on asphalt, such as Bitumen, can also be highly energy efficient. Modified Bitumen roofs offer outstanding thermal performance and wind resistance that make them a good choice both for overly hot and overly cold climates.


Solar panel roofing has become a viable and fashionable choice both for residential and commercial applications. This type of roof is designed using solar panels, and basically features a solar panel array that acts as the roof itself. The solar panels will capture light from the sun and turn it into energy that can be used to power your HVAC during the winter even in the event of a power outage.


Heavy materials such as tiles and slate roofs are more commonly used for residential purposes, but are also a good energy-efficient solution for commercial roofing. They are heavy enough to withstand harsh weather, and with additional reinforcing and protective layers designed to prevent heat from escaping the building, they can also protect against temperature changes.

Switching to Propane and Getting Propane Tanks Refills in Denver – Benefits and Tips

If you live in the capital of Colorado and you have been thinking about switching to using propane, but you are worried that installing new equipment and tank refills are just the hassle you don’t need, don’t be – installing your propane tank and propane tanks refills in Denver have never been easier. There are many great, full-service propane companies that take care of everything related to your transition to using this efficient, clean and affordable source of energy – here are a few tips and ideas about why make the switch and how to get the related tasks handled painlessly.


The Advantages of Switching to Propane


Propane is an affordable and efficient choice for households and companies as well. This high-energy alternative will minimize your energy-related costs and will also minimize your carbon footprint, so propane allows you to protect not only your budget, but nature as well. Reliability is another feature that contributes to the increasing popularity of propane, especially in areas where other sources of energy are not accessible or the maintenance of electricity systems is difficult such as in remote mountain areas.


Propane is also very versatile. You can use it for heating your rooms, for making hot water and for cooking as well; what’s more, there are numerous appliances that are powered with propane, so you can use them without being required to be connected to the electricity grid.


How to Switch to Propane


To be able to switch to using propane, what you will need first and foremost is a suitable tank or tanks to store the fuel. Tanks vary in size, usually between 20 lbs and 1000 gallons (the tank sizes most frequently used in households are 20, 30 and 50 lbs, while industrial appliances might require tanks that are larger than 1000 gallons, sizes also available, but only upon request for obvious reasons). You can either buy your own tanks or lease the tanks from your propane supplier. You will also need to modify installations around your home or your facility, but you can rely on your propane supplier to take of that as well.


How to Get Your Propane Tank Refills in Denver


Refills are also very easy: if you have small tanks that you can transport, you can take them to a filling station and get a refill anytime you need, you can choose to get your empty tank simply replaced with a full one (you will also have to take your tank to the station, but the ´replacement procedure is faster than the refill) or, if your tank is large or you don’t want to handle the refill yourself, your propane supplier will take care of regular refills. With today’s advanced monitoring technologies, a Denver propane company is able to monitor the contents of their tanks in the city of Denver and outside of it as well, so you can get automatic refills whenever the fuel level in your tank drops below a certain level. Either ways, getting your tanks full all the time is a very easy process and if you add the other benefits, you will see that switching to using propane is definitely worth it.

Basement Refinishing Ideas – Function, Style, Preparation and Furnishing Tips

Basements are useful, potentially multifunctional, but often neglected spaces – if you are ready to take the plunge and start remodeling your basement to transform into a real gem, here are a few basement refinishing ideas to help you.


Decide about the Function of Your Basement


Every family home, every basement is different and every family has different space-related needs. Some families need extra space because the kids are growing and they need their own rooms, others need the extra space to allow members to enjoy their hobbies such as work-out, music or video games undisturbed. Decide about the functionality of your basement taking into consideration your family’s needs and the architectural properties of your basement – check the layout of the space, maybe it is large enough and structured in a way that allows you to create multiple rooms to serve multiple purposes down there.


Decide about the Style


When you have made the decisions regarding functionality, you have to make decisions about the styling as well. Many people choose to start the refinishing project and get the furnishing items on the go, just to find that the eclectic collection of furnishing pieces they have collected fail to convey the right atmosphere. You can easily avoid this by creating a design before doing anything else – if you feel that you lack the drawing skills to create an interior design on paper, use one of the great online design platforms. Many of them are completely free and they allow you to experiment with shapes and colors until you find the perfect combination. Try to design every detail – the more complete your mental image of what you want, the easier it will be to make it all happen.


Prepare the Basement


To be able to enjoy your new basement room or rooms to the fullest, you need to be sure the walls and the floors you build on are in perfect condition. You may find you have to install insulation or to eliminate an infestation with insects from among the floor boards or from the tiny cracks in the walls and your basement must also comply with the building regulations applicable in your area. Pay attention to the heating as well – the ventilation of basements is different from the rooms in the rest of the house and these differences must be taken into consideration when creating the heating system. This is a phase in the project that requires a certain level of experience and expertise, so it may be a good idea to request professional help from Fort Collins construction experts – later on, when everything is thoroughly prepared for the final, decoration phase, you can take your project back and finish everything at your own pace.


A Few Basement Refinishing Ideas about Furniture


Whatever the style and function of your basement, make sure it is comfortable. Use large, chunky pieces of furniture, soft textures and warm colors. You can use separators to diversify the space, but comfort is the most important thing in a basement room, so make it all as cozy as possible.