What Are The Steps To Resolve Water Damage In My Basement?

Basement Water Damage Restoration Services

Water infiltration and humidity in the basement represent common problems. In basements that were not properly waterproofed and thermally insulated, water resulted from rainfall or indoor condensation, due to temperature differences, easily infiltrates.

To protect the building from moisture, various measures are required, depending on the amount of water damage. Waterproofing the basement is essential to protect it from the moisture infiltrating from the soil, or caused by seepage. All parts that are in contact with soil and water must be protected. In particular, these include concrete coverings, walls, floors, foundation, as well as structural details such as movement joints. In some cases, due to high moisture resulting from the walls or water leaks directly into the basement, before applying bituminous products, the wall and foundation interface must be waterproofed to prevent moisture penetration.

The accumulation and persistence of moisture in the basement can be detected either due to the specific smell of moisture, mold and deteriorated materials, or by performing tests. A simple test to detect where the moisture in the basement comes from is to stick an aluminum foil to a wall. After a few days, you go and inspect it. If condensation has formed on the wall and on the part of the foil that was attached to it, it means that the source of moisture is outside the building. If condensation has formed on the outer surface of the foil, towards the chamber, the source of humidity is in the interior of the house/ basement.

Solutions for the insulation of the basement from the interior humidity

Indoor humidity is produced by domestic activities, leaky installations, as well as by different house equipment. All these sources can produce enough moisture to create damage in an uninsulated basement.

Fighting basement infiltrations

Water infiltration can become a problem in the life of any homeowner with a basement. If you want to get rid of them, it would be good to “attack” this problem very quickly, because the moisture in the basement gradually affects the structure of the house and the interior finishes. Waterproofing and cleanup may be needed both inside the basement and outside by water a damage restoration Phoenix company.

The product most suitable for solving an infiltration near the pipes in the cellar is a special sealant that expands in the presence of water. In order to fulfill its role, the product must be covered with a repair mortar to expand into a confined space.

The space where the sealant will be applied must be thoroughly cleaned of dust and mortar, and the pipes degreased, so that there are no more traces of oil and grease used to lubricate the joints. Also, the sealant should be applied on a dry surface or only slightly damp. In case of infiltrations at the time of application, they must first be stopped by using special products.

If your basement presents more serious problems, you may need to restore the waterproofing work. There are several waterproofing solutions, consisting of the installation of benthic membranes, bituminous membranes, as well as the application of waterproofing mortars. Given the complexity and impact of waterproofing works on the durability of your home, it is best to call on specialists to offer you the right solution for treating basement water infiltration and damage.

Your water damage restoration providermay also be a Colorado roofing company as well.