Basement Refinishing Ideas – Function, Style, Preparation and Furnishing Tips

Basements are useful, potentially multifunctional, but often neglected spaces – if you are ready to take the plunge and start remodeling your basement to transform into a real gem, here are a few basement refinishing ideas to help you.


Decide about the Function of Your Basement


Every family home, every basement is different and every family has different space-related needs. Some families need extra space because the kids are growing and they need their own rooms, others need the extra space to allow members to enjoy their hobbies such as work-out, music or video games undisturbed. Decide about the functionality of your basement taking into consideration your family’s needs and the architectural properties of your basement – check the layout of the space, maybe it is large enough and structured in a way that allows you to create multiple rooms to serve multiple purposes down there.


Decide about the Style


When you have made the decisions regarding functionality, you have to make decisions about the styling as well. Many people choose to start the refinishing project and get the furnishing items on the go, just to find that the eclectic collection of furnishing pieces they have collected fail to convey the right atmosphere. You can easily avoid this by creating a design before doing anything else – if you feel that you lack the drawing skills to create an interior design on paper, use one of the great online design platforms. Many of them are completely free and they allow you to experiment with shapes and colors until you find the perfect combination. Try to design every detail – the more complete your mental image of what you want, the easier it will be to make it all happen.


Prepare the Basement


To be able to enjoy your new basement room or rooms to the fullest, you need to be sure the walls and the floors you build on are in perfect condition. You may find you have to install insulation or to eliminate an infestation with insects from among the floor boards or from the tiny cracks in the walls and your basement must also comply with the building regulations applicable in your area. Pay attention to the heating as well – the ventilation of basements is different from the rooms in the rest of the house and these differences must be taken into consideration when creating the heating system. This is a phase in the project that requires a certain level of experience and expertise, so it may be a good idea to request professional help from Fort Collins construction experts – later on, when everything is thoroughly prepared for the final, decoration phase, you can take your project back and finish everything at your own pace.


A Few Basement Refinishing Ideas about Furniture


Whatever the style and function of your basement, make sure it is comfortable. Use large, chunky pieces of furniture, soft textures and warm colors. You can use separators to diversify the space, but comfort is the most important thing in a basement room, so make it all as cozy as possible.