How to Find A Local Land Survey Company Near You?

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If you have found the house, the land or the apartment of your dreams, you are surely very happy, but you must know that there are many tasks ahead of you, one of them being to hire a suitable land surveyor to perform the survey of the property. The process can be confusing, so here are some tips and things to know to help you hire the best specialist.

When Do You Need a Land Survey?

Here are some of the most common situations that require a land survey:

  • You need to get property boundaries determined or confirmed – knowing the limits of your property is essential for real estate transactions as well as for mortgages and for avoiding any property disagreements with neighbors;
  • Revealing easements – an easement is a situation that might require you to share the access to certain parts of your property. An example is when a utility company has the right to install wiring or pipelines on your property;
  • Knowing the topography of your property – this type of surveys is usually necessary if you are planning to build on your property. The survey will contain important information for architects and builders and will determine many aspects of your architectural design, such as the depth of the foundation;
  • The identification of hazard areas – this type of survey will identify problem areas, such as areas affected by land erosion or areas where there is a water table under the surface. This type of information is very important for determining whether a plot of land is suitable for construction.

Where to Look for Qualified and Reliable Land Surveyors

If you need a land survey, you shouldn’t settle for anything, but the best land surveyors Denver offers. One of the first steps you should take to identify the best expert is to talk to your real estate specialist or title company – most of them use the services of land surveyors regularly, so they will surely be able to recommend you some names.

If you need more names to choose from, you can also carry out your own online research to identify suitable surveyors. Your query will probably return lots of results, the websites of surveyor companies as well as of independent surveyor, so you will have to take the time to check the websites on the results page one by one. While visiting the pages, check for the surveyor’s experience, their area of expertise, the technology they use for completing the surveys and the testimonials left by previous customers. In the next phase, you can also check the reviews and ratings in comparison websites. Look for an accredited expert who enjoy high reputation and is appreciated for the quality of their surveys.

The Last Step Before Hiring a Specialist: Personal Contact

Contact all the surveyors on your list and discuss the details of the survey that you need and schedule the survey. You should be aware that surveyors work for different rates, so don’t forget to discuss the price you will be charged for your survey.

Advantages of Having a Gate for Your Business Entrance

Security is one of the main reasons why people decide to install gates for their business entrance. Even more efficient are the gates with automatic access. The engine of gate automation allows total control of the gate but also the interaction with various accessories such as sirens, video cameras, signal lamps, photocells and sensors.

Thus, when the gate opens, in the case of industrial areas, a light signal together with an audio signal can alert the people around. The sensors also allow a complete scan of the space around the gate so that objects or people are not hit when it opens.

If your business does not use any access control system yet, it might be the right time to consider the advantages of such an investment.

access control gate installation Denver


The first advantage has to do with the security offered by a gate for your business entrance, by limiting the access of strangers or unauthorized persons. You may think you do not need it or that the guard does a good job, but there is nothing like the security offered by a gate with access control.

Access control systems are not only an obstacle to intruders; they are also a good way to know who enters your building, at what time and for how long. Whether we are talking about clients, customers, visitors or employees, monitoring their access offers you important information about your business, which allows you to enhance the security levels.

Other advantages for your business

Regardless the size of your business, an access control gate allows you to manage the working time much easier. First of all, it automates the whole process, by quantifying all the hours worked by each employee; this way, can be no misunderstandings anymore, because everything is clearly and precisely marked. Workers’ productivity is also expected to increase, because people will want to avoid doing extra hours, at the end of the month, to compensate the days when they left earlier, the missing hours being recorded by the access control system.

Other advantages for your employees

Even if a gate with access control system seems to be rather an ally of the employer, creating apparent constraints for employees, they too have their share of advantages. The hours worked by each employee are no longer kept in record exclusively by the employer, but also by the system itself, so there can be no misunderstandings. Moreover, all extra working hours are monitored and added to the total number of hours.

Access control systems have been used for generations for business security, being an easy way to monitor not just employees but everyone entering the building. Why you should invest in an access control system? – Because you will gain different benefits, in terms of efficiency, time and money.

Choosing an industrial gate is easy with the help of the right gate installation Denver specialists, who will take over the project, from the technical plan or sketch phase, visit the location and then offer solutions adapted to the real situation and requirements of the project.


What Is A Cantilever?

Cantilever racking systems offer the ideal solution for storing all types of long and heavy products, regardless of whether the storage is horizontal or vertical. They provide great space efficiency for warehouses.

Cantilever racks are characterized by connection elements that appear only at the back and are perpendicularly attached. In front, the shelf is accessible horizontally, access being restricted only by the shelves above. There are key features of this type of racking system design that each operator needs to know.

Console racks and the principle of the lever

For regular shelving systems such as pallet racks, the bottom of the shelves rests on at least four support points that drive the pressure force towards the floor. While they are easy to assemble, standard racks are susceptible to lateral overturning, for which reason proper reinforcement (i.e. diagonal bars, solid angular supports or posterior walls on the entire back surface) is required.

warehouse shelving Denver

Cantilever warehouse shelving Denver racks do not have vertical pillars at the front; because of this, there is more pressure on the reinforcement bar supporting the racks: the pressure on the rear of the shelf is directed downward.

At the front, however, the pressure forces work in the opposite direction: they create a torsion load that turns the reinforcement bars into very effective levers. The wider the shelves are, the stronger the leverage effect. In terms of static load, cantilever racks are subject to very special requirements.

Loads stored on this type of shelving will be handled by lifting systems, such as forklift cranes or simple forklifts, depending on the weight and dimensions of the load to be stored, as well as the height of the shelf itself.

The structure of cantilever racks consists of vertical columns with one or two horizontal beams at the base, to ensure stability. A number of shelves are attached to the columns, where the load is placed. They are made of hot-rolled metal and can be attached to columns at different heights.

These shelves can be: unilateral (single-sided), bilateral (access from both sides) and may have accessories, including console end stops (to prevent profiles from rolling and dropping), metallic shelving, grid shelving or protection pillars.

Cantilever racks can also be installed outside warehouses. The positioning of racks on the pillars is adjustable, thus ensuring the adaptability of the system to different products. Installing and disassembling a cantilever rack system is simple.

The main benefits

– Intelligent use of storage space. Cantilever rack systems maximize the storage potential of your warehouse.

– Lower cost of warehousing. In addition to their main advantage mentioned above, cantilever rack systems also lower the storage costs considerably

– Durability. Cantilever racks are typically made of quality materials, able to bear heavy loads and provide a long service life.


Remember that any storage space, no matter how small, may be spacious enough for your needs when you use cantilever rack systems. In addition, the products will be safely stored on them, so you do not need to worry about accidental damage to your inventory.