What Is A Bed Bug Dog?

Dogs are wonderful creatures that have lots of special skills that make them great friends and allies for humans. Today, dogs are used in many fields – their empathy and agility are used for helping people with disabilities and their extremely sensitive sense of smell is used for sniffing out many things, from drugs and bombs to seizures and many other physical problems.

Many canines with special abilities today work in pest control companies as bed bug sniffing dogs – they use their sense of smell to identify the areas that have been invaded by bed bugs and they signal the presence of the pests to their handlers.

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How Do Dogs Know How to Find Bed Bugs

Dogs can distinguish much more smells and odors than humans do. However, not all dogs can sniff out bed bugs, so the ones that are used for such purposes start their training after they have been carefully selected. After the selection, the dogs undergo a lengthy training program that can last between 600-1,000 hours. During the training, the dogs learn how to focus on the odor of bed bugs and of bed bug excrement and they also learn how to communicate their findings to humans.

The Benefits of Using Dogs for the Detection of Bed Bugs

Normally, the process of bed bug detection involves the meticulous checking of all the places where bed bugs can hide in a building. The places preferred by bed bugs include any kind of upholstery, mattresses, any kind of bedding, such as pillows and blankets, bed frames, drawers, curtains and drapes – all of them areas that need to be checked for the tiny invaders.

Using dogs to detect bed bugs Denver comes with many benefits over the conventional method. The dogs are very quick and very efficient – in many cases, they do not take longer than a minute to check an entire room. Bed bug sniffing dogs can also minimize the disruption in the room to the minimum – these special dogs detect bugs by simply sniffing items in the room, they do not need mattresses to be turned over and furniture to be dismantled (if the dogs detect anything suspicious, the turning over and dismantling will be necessary for the cleaning anyway).

How You Can Find Companies that Work with Bed Bug Sniffing Dogs

A simple online research will return lots of results. Using bed bug sniffing dogs is a special service – if there is a company in your area that works with dogs, they will surely highlight that service on their website. You can also contact regular pest control companies to recommend a Denver company that has sniffer dogs or you can ask around among the people you know, especially the people who have dogs themselves or who know dog trainers, to recommend you a suitable company. Social media is also a great source of information – having canine employees in a company usually goes hand in hand with a relaxed, friendly attitude, so these companies like to have direct contact with their community through networking platforms.