An Overview Of The Utility Locating Services

Utility locating contractors are committed to ensuring that different areas belonging to utility owners and contractors are safe for digging and rehab. Their activity is based on modern equipment, Subsurface Utility Engineering and performed by trained technicians.

Utility locating services include:

  • Underground utility locating

These investigations are performed to decrease the risk of hitting and damaging utilities like Cable TV, electric cables, pipes, telephone lines etc. , which would not be only dangerous but also very expensive and disruptive.

  • Asset management

Assets are components of water systems (valves, pipes, wells, pumps, hydrants etc.) and can be visible or invisible (buried). These components age and consequently the water system deteriorates or may even become compromised. Asset management refers to dealing with these aging assets in order to ensure long-term durability and sustainability of the water system: suggesting maintenance operations, as well as the right time for repairs, replacements and rehabilitation, in a cost-effective manner. These procedures are implemented in a programmatic way, in order to be efficient. The asset management plan typically has five components: asset inventory, critical assets, service level, revenue structure and improvements.

The benefits of asset management:

  • Water utilities will remain functional for present and future customers
  • efficiency in operating the system
  • maintaining public health and safety
  • providing an essential customer service

Teaming with a utility locating contractor will make asset inventory and management truly beneficial.

  • Ground Penetrating Radar

This method is used to improve the locating results, being able to help to detect cables, pipes and other utilities, providing a picture of what is placed underground, which is great in situations that require high precision.

Ground penetrating radar solutions are made of a control unit, an antenna and a power supply, being easy to use in order to quickly identify and mark the precise location of different utilities (metallic and non-metallic), as well as for environmental assessment, geological investigations, road inspections, archeology and more.

  • Structure Scan

A structure scan is a high-resolution system, used for  concrete inspection (locating metallic and non-metallic targets hidden in floors, walls or ceilings), structure inspection of balconies, decks, walls, towers, monuments etc., condition assessment for rehab planning and void location.

  • Vacuum Excavation

This method is typically used upon specific characteristics related to the environment (soil type) and consists of water pressure or air pressure to break up the soil and a vacuum device to remove the loosened particles of soil and rock.

  • Sewer locating

Sewer lines, as well as empty conduits, can be detected using different Colorado utility locate strategies and equipment:

  • a duct rodder with a locator, or a fish tape with a snake on the end, inserted into the pipe to mark its path, using a sonde attached to them and located through the frequency emitted by the sonde
  • a special sewer camera which can also detect the condition of the pipe, different faults etc.

Utility locating services are performed with specific locating methods that involve either direct connection (very accurate and providing the most locating options) or induction (based on inducing a signal onto a utility, which then travels from transmitter to the target line).

Switching to Propane and Getting Propane Tanks Refills in Denver – Benefits and Tips

If you live in the capital of Colorado and you have been thinking about switching to using propane, but you are worried that installing new equipment and tank refills are just the hassle you don’t need, don’t be – installing your propane tank and propane tanks refills in Denver have never been easier. There are many great, full-service propane companies that take care of everything related to your transition to using this efficient, clean and affordable source of energy – here are a few tips and ideas about why make the switch and how to get the related tasks handled painlessly.


The Advantages of Switching to Propane


Propane is an affordable and efficient choice for households and companies as well. This high-energy alternative will minimize your energy-related costs and will also minimize your carbon footprint, so propane allows you to protect not only your budget, but nature as well. Reliability is another feature that contributes to the increasing popularity of propane, especially in areas where other sources of energy are not accessible or the maintenance of electricity systems is difficult such as in remote mountain areas.


Propane is also very versatile. You can use it for heating your rooms, for making hot water and for cooking as well; what’s more, there are numerous appliances that are powered with propane, so you can use them without being required to be connected to the electricity grid.


How to Switch to Propane


To be able to switch to using propane, what you will need first and foremost is a suitable tank or tanks to store the fuel. Tanks vary in size, usually between 20 lbs and 1000 gallons (the tank sizes most frequently used in households are 20, 30 and 50 lbs, while industrial appliances might require tanks that are larger than 1000 gallons, sizes also available, but only upon request for obvious reasons). You can either buy your own tanks or lease the tanks from your propane supplier. You will also need to modify installations around your home or your facility, but you can rely on your propane supplier to take of that as well.


How to Get Your Propane Tank Refills in Denver


Refills are also very easy: if you have small tanks that you can transport, you can take them to a filling station and get a refill anytime you need, you can choose to get your empty tank simply replaced with a full one (you will also have to take your tank to the station, but the ´replacement procedure is faster than the refill) or, if your tank is large or you don’t want to handle the refill yourself, your propane supplier will take care of regular refills. With today’s advanced monitoring technologies, a Denver propane company is able to monitor the contents of their tanks in the city of Denver and outside of it as well, so you can get automatic refills whenever the fuel level in your tank drops below a certain level. Either ways, getting your tanks full all the time is a very easy process and if you add the other benefits, you will see that switching to using propane is definitely worth it.

Basement Refinishing Ideas – Function, Style, Preparation and Furnishing Tips

Basements are useful, potentially multifunctional, but often neglected spaces – if you are ready to take the plunge and start remodeling your basement to transform into a real gem, here are a few basement refinishing ideas to help you.


Decide about the Function of Your Basement


Every family home, every basement is different and every family has different space-related needs. Some families need extra space because the kids are growing and they need their own rooms, others need the extra space to allow members to enjoy their hobbies such as work-out, music or video games undisturbed. Decide about the functionality of your basement taking into consideration your family’s needs and the architectural properties of your basement – check the layout of the space, maybe it is large enough and structured in a way that allows you to create multiple rooms to serve multiple purposes down there.


Decide about the Style


When you have made the decisions regarding functionality, you have to make decisions about the styling as well. Many people choose to start the refinishing project and get the furnishing items on the go, just to find that the eclectic collection of furnishing pieces they have collected fail to convey the right atmosphere. You can easily avoid this by creating a design before doing anything else – if you feel that you lack the drawing skills to create an interior design on paper, use one of the great online design platforms. Many of them are completely free and they allow you to experiment with shapes and colors until you find the perfect combination. Try to design every detail – the more complete your mental image of what you want, the easier it will be to make it all happen.


Prepare the Basement


To be able to enjoy your new basement room or rooms to the fullest, you need to be sure the walls and the floors you build on are in perfect condition. You may find you have to install insulation or to eliminate an infestation with insects from among the floor boards or from the tiny cracks in the walls and your basement must also comply with the building regulations applicable in your area. Pay attention to the heating as well – the ventilation of basements is different from the rooms in the rest of the house and these differences must be taken into consideration when creating the heating system. This is a phase in the project that requires a certain level of experience and expertise, so it may be a good idea to request professional help from Fort Collins construction experts – later on, when everything is thoroughly prepared for the final, decoration phase, you can take your project back and finish everything at your own pace.


A Few Basement Refinishing Ideas about Furniture


Whatever the style and function of your basement, make sure it is comfortable. Use large, chunky pieces of furniture, soft textures and warm colors. You can use separators to diversify the space, but comfort is the most important thing in a basement room, so make it all as cozy as possible.

How to Look for the Best Local Denver Window Company

If you ever wondered how to go about ordering your own windows and making sure they suit your overall requirements for your home, it might be a good idea to look at some of the recommendations that local Denver window replacement companies would provide.


Although there are a lot of window companies you can consider in Denver, the principles for how to filter out the ones you don’t need are the same whether you’re looking for the most advanced energy-efficient windows or a pair of new replacement wooden frame windows for an old cabin.


How to Hunt for a Window Company in Denver


Looking for the best window companies in Denver looks easy enough, but it can get complicated fast if you don’t know much about what you’re looking for. The following tips should help you land the best deals while keeping in your budget range and making sure you’re dealing with the most reliable and professional Denver companies:


  • What are you really looking to gain from new windows? Storm protection, a durable construction that lasts for many years – or maybe you’re looking for a lower cost. Make a note of your specific needs, and ask local contractors to see which of them specialize in the types of products that can help you out.
  • Try searching for window companies that are willing to compromise and provide you with a flexible offer. If your frames and window sills are still in pretty good condition, you can save a lot of money on material costs by keeping them.
  • Use the same contractors for having your windows manufactured and installed, or if you’re ordering a standard window design, try to find the manufacturers, and call to ask them if they provide installation services. By doing so, you will minimize any issues that could come up if the contractor you hire to install the product isn’t properly familiar with it.
  • Look for window manufacturers that offer energy-efficient products. Although energy-efficiency isn’t the primary reason for replacing your windows, it can certainly be counted among the main ones, with well-designed storm windows and dual-pane windows helping you save up to $460 per year on energy costs.
  • Another good reason for finding environmentally-friendly window companies in Denver is that energy-efficient windows can provide you with a great offer for Federal tax credits.


While keeping these recommendations in mind can really help, there is no substitute for research. To find the best Denver window companies, you’ll have to look through online reviews, contact companies that seem to offer good enough offers, and as them about what you actually need in terms of quality products, installation terms and costs, as well as any custom requirements you might have.


Additional Factors to Take Into Account


The cost is, of course, a major concern when looking for a window company. Fortunately, Denver manufacturers and retailers won’t normally charge a lot, and you’ll also find it easy to compare prices between different services.


Their policy regarding the shipping and transportation of windows, as well as issues such as warranties and installation costs, are also of consequence. Always make sure you’re dealing with a licensed company that offers a good price on installation, has excellent track record with past installation jobs, and can provide proof of insurance and a written estimate to put your mind at ease.