How to Find A Local Land Survey Company Near You?

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If you have found the house, the land or the apartment of your dreams, you are surely very happy, but you must know that there are many tasks ahead of you, one of them being to hire a suitable land surveyor to perform the survey of the property. The process can be confusing, so here are some tips and things to know to help you hire the best specialist.

When Do You Need a Land Survey?

Here are some of the most common situations that require a land survey:

  • You need to get property boundaries determined or confirmed – knowing the limits of your property is essential for real estate transactions as well as for mortgages and for avoiding any property disagreements with neighbors;
  • Revealing easements – an easement is a situation that might require you to share the access to certain parts of your property. An example is when a utility company has the right to install wiring or pipelines on your property;
  • Knowing the topography of your property – this type of surveys is usually necessary if you are planning to build on your property. The survey will contain important information for architects and builders and will determine many aspects of your architectural design, such as the depth of the foundation;
  • The identification of hazard areas – this type of survey will identify problem areas, such as areas affected by land erosion or areas where there is a water table under the surface. This type of information is very important for determining whether a plot of land is suitable for construction.

Where to Look for Qualified and Reliable Land Surveyors

If you need a land survey, you shouldn’t settle for anything, but the best land surveyors Denver offers. One of the first steps you should take to identify the best expert is to talk to your real estate specialist or title company – most of them use the services of land surveyors regularly, so they will surely be able to recommend you some names.

If you need more names to choose from, you can also carry out your own online research to identify suitable surveyors. Your query will probably return lots of results, the websites of surveyor companies as well as of independent surveyor, so you will have to take the time to check the websites on the results page one by one. While visiting the pages, check for the surveyor’s experience, their area of expertise, the technology they use for completing the surveys and the testimonials left by previous customers. In the next phase, you can also check the reviews and ratings in comparison websites. Look for an accredited expert who enjoy high reputation and is appreciated for the quality of their surveys.

The Last Step Before Hiring a Specialist: Personal Contact

Contact all the surveyors on your list and discuss the details of the survey that you need and schedule the survey. You should be aware that surveyors work for different rates, so don’t forget to discuss the price you will be charged for your survey.